Thursday, February 5, 2009

Official Rant!!

This post is exactly what the title said. My official rant. Last night I spent 2 hours making adds for an online site to get my home business out there some how. This morning I got an e-mail from a woman who had read the ad. Her e-mail said this

"you Are not allowed to steal other peoples ads will be reproting you and you will be removed !!!you are stealingour ad plkease stop and change your ad heading !! "

I literally copy and posted. I love how she can't type and spelling seems to be a problem for her to. Stupid woman. So then I sent her an e-amil asking to direct me to this ad that I'm apparently copying. After that I did find the ad. This is what it said.

"(company name here) . This company is based out of Australia, which is known to have the #1 highest standards for organic products. They have household cleaners, hygeine products (deodorants, shamp & cond, COSMETICS (cosmetics have so many harmful chemicals, that we put on our faces everyday!!) and a brand new baby care line (which I am very happy about, and love!!) I am a mom of two, who became very aware of the chemicals that, on a daily basis, where going into my own as well as the rest of my families' bodies. Looking for the best posible solution to this harmful intake of chemicals, I have found a company that sells certified organic products. Better yet, they allow me to help my family with our health but also financially. I am able to sell their products and earn an income through doing this. The greatest thing I have found, is that you do not have to do any house parties, or carry any stock. For the month of February registration to become an associate for them is only $6 (celebrate their 6th birthday). It is an exciting opportunity but an opportunity to have certified organic products in your house and knowing that you are making a difference for their quality of life. "

So one, the site where we are advertising says that you are not allowed to offer MLM's or Pyramid schemes on the site. She is obviously adding the comments about helping her family financially. Little dig there and to me a MLM pitch for the last part of the ad. Her title was the name of the company which to me is not a very creative marketing technique which if I am being completely honest I might have given her a heads up about that if she hadn't been such a bag.

My ad is this:

"Are you looking for environmentally friendly options and don't know where to look for high quality cleaners? I have products that may interest you. Cleaners that have been FDA approved to kill 99.99% germs without harmful chemicals and smells great to boot. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested and I can give you more information."

I honestly can't see what she figured we had in common. My title was "Environmentally Friendly Cleaners". It's totally different from hers. I also don't sell for the same company. I sell for Melaleuca and wasn't looking to sign people up to make a fortune. I was just looking for people who want to use safer and cleaner products then the typical brands. My company has been running for almost 25 years and quite frankly isn't organic. Her products are organic. My products are environmentally friendly. I'm sure that they spray the Melaleuca trees to keep the bugs off and they don't guarentee anything like this. I also feel personally that the best marketer will win. Whoever loses just has to step it up a notch. I'm fine with that. If I lose then I know that I just have to dust myself off and learn from the experience. It will only make me a better leader and sales person in the long run.

Monopolies don't exist in North America or at least there not suppose to. We're a capitalist continent and any one who thinks different can go live in a communist country that has nothing to do with capitalists.

Needless to say, I have been fuming all day long and when my partner came in a flipped out about this nasty woman. I think she has a lot of growing up to do and needs to understand how a market works or she's never going to get ahead.