Saturday, January 10, 2009

Being A Leader

I watched a video on youtube last night done by a fellow the name of Jonathan Budd. He was talking about what it truely takes to be a leader and some of what he said has really stuck with me.

His one comment was that to be a leader means you no longer need help from anyone else. Not meaning that you can't have a mentor but that you can make the decisions on your own and can answer any questions you need without having to turn to your upline in network marketing. He also said that you are not a true leader until you have helped someone else reach that level. I think it is a very valid point. It also complements something I read the other day about appearing as an expert in your business. Regardless of what happens, you should appear to know what the answers are. You don't need to know everything you just need to know more then the person that you are talking with.

The second point that he brought up really really stuck with me. He said that if you want to get professionals to work with you then you must appear as a professional. That makes sense. People tend to bond closest with the people that they have something in common with. This would also argue that if you want to be a professional then you should surround yourself with such people. Watching them, and examining how they deal with a situation will encourage growth in you as a leader. Finding a mentor that can help answer your questions and reinforce you with positive feedback and constructive criticism being aware of you as a person as well as being strong enough to tell you when your wrong is an essential asspect to learning to lead.