Monday, January 26, 2009

I did It!!!

So far I have been flying for about 4 days. Or maybe I should say fluttering, but I am on my way to bettering my life. That whole leader thing and bettering yourself now applies. My sink has been shiny for a 4 whole days. My partner is almost the most happy I've ever seen him and there's this calming feeling when I look at it. It's a great feeling. Like a nice cold drink on a very, very hot summer day. It really is that refreshing.

Been walking a little lately but it's been so cold it's hard to get the desire to go outside to excercise even if I am going into the local arena to stay warm while I do it. I played Wii with my sister and her fiance for a few hours the other day but I don't think that is included in the "work out" catagory. It doesn't help that Illiana absolutely refuses to have a nap. She's now been screaming for 2 hours but the end is in sight finally.

So the road to bettering myself and towards being a leader that people can believe in is rough but I'm trying. So far my house and a significant increase in excercise. Soon, I hope to be helping a friend train dogs and so learn to be a pack leader and maybe understanding that role will help me to understanding myself as a leader.