Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pack Leader?

My partner and I recently started hanging out with a couple from a town a little ways away. They are, quite frankly, a little older then I am but considering my partner is 9 years older them me, I figure it's a good thing for him and I really like them to so it's no bother. Anyways, the first thing you discover is that this family has dogs. Really, really big dogs. If fact, I have never seen dogs this size except on pictures on the T.V. They have what are called Mastif's. It also turns out that they are dog trainers. That's exciting. First thing that comes to mind is "The Dog Whisperer". When you hear this couple talk it is like taking a walk with Cesar Millan. I love it.

After visiting with this couple for the past couple of months we have really grown to like them and trust each other with privledged information, such as favorite cereals or flavor of ice cream, and so they know our financial situation. To say the least it's a little bare at the moment. It will get better soon though so I'm not to worried. However, in the mean time, they have offered to let me work with them and the dogs out at the farm when they need help and a little extra cash will go a long ways. I'm excited about that too.

This leads to me learning more about being a leader. While learning about leading the dogs I am going to be learning more about myself and what kind of leader I am and what I am capable of. In fact people have commented that just watching the show has helped them understand themselves better and to be more assertive leaders. Great! Just what I am looking for! So, now I've got a few more books (great, more reading) and I'm leaning how to be a pack leader. Hopefully, this is going to do it and I can update you further on my leadership training.