Friday, January 9, 2009

Bleach in our Children's mouths?

I care about my family. My family is a small one. At least the family I live with. I have a daughter and a partner. My daughter is just about a year old. Next month, I can't believe it, is going to be her birthday and I'll be planning a big party.

Becoming a mother was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I found all sorts of new fears and ideas that I had never dealt with before this point. One of the biggest fears that I dealt with was the dangers to my daughter. Throughout my learning I have discovered just how dangerous our world can actually be. For one thing everyone tells you to do the basics like baby gates and making sure there's no cords hanging around. What they don't tell you is that many of the things that you use to clean your house is so dangerous. At least I didn't think about it until I had my daughter.

Everyone knows bleach is dangerous. We use it in our laundry, to clean our bathrooms, and kitchens, even the toys that our children stick in their mouths. Now lets think about it. Bleach in our children's mouths? Wow, that's a scary thought. So I went looking for something better and I found it. There are a few products that I found that work absolutely amazing.

There is a product called Sol-U-Guard that is EPA approved to kill 99.99% of germs without harmful chemicals. In fact, they use products that we have in our own home that we never even thought about before, and they're environmentally friendly. It uses thyme oil, and citric acid both naturally occurring and safe alternatives to bleach to clean our kitchens and door handles with without harming our child. It even has a pleasant scent and if your child puts it in their mouth it won't hurt them. More and more studies are showing the danger of many of the chemicals that we use around our home being bad not just for us but for the environment as well but this option won't do anything to the environment except kill the bacteria in your own environment.

The other product I found is Sol-U-Mel. It actually has a 101 uses, not even kidding, I got an e-mail and have been slowly trying them. It also uses natural products like Melaleuca tea tree oil to disinfect and get stains out of things. Sol-U-Mel can be put in the wash with oily clothes or put in humidifiers to make the air smell fresher without the chemicals that are in the traditional air fresheners. It can be sprayed onto furniture or used to clean your child's crib. Again, 100% safe since it uses all natural products that are safe for your family and the environment. How can you go wrong with products like these?