Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jenn Lawlor

So I finally got up the nerve to phone Jenn Lawlor. I stuttered and said something about not really believing that I would get through and then she said that she was spending time playing with her kids and asked if I could phone her back in about 4 hours. I said sure.....and never did. I froze.

I had a list of questions for her like: What do I put on a squeeze page?, and How do I make a squeeze page people will find?. Instead, I didn't phone her back.

She only wants interested candidates to phone and now I sound like someone not interested even though I want to build a home business worse then anything. I've never really wanted to do anything so much in my life as this. I want to stay home with Illiana and be able to be a supportive and stay at home mom while still bringing in money since one income isn't enough anymore. I guess I blew the phone call....maybe I'll phone back in a couple weeks and try again. Maybe by then she'll have forgotten that I even phoned.