Thursday, January 8, 2009

A start to being a Leader

The other day I discovered a woman on-line named Jenn Lawlor. She is a mom that lives with her family in Alaska and runs a home business making money that many would be envious of. She runs a few web sites and has videos on that teach about network marketing. She manages to run a successful business and still be a stay at home mom.

One of the first topics she covers is about being someone people are willing to follow in your home business or any business really. In business it isn't the products or the services that are in question. For the most part you wouldn't be supporting them or supplying them if they weren't worth investing in. Business is about selling yourself. The advice she gave was to start by looking at why you are failing in business and evaluate what the problems are. She also said that to be a true leader you need to be constantly bettering yourself. Her next set of instructions was a logical step to evaluating problems....basically find a solution. Her advice is to go get a book and start bettering yourself. I'm not much of one for self-help books but I figure I can't lose anything by giving it a try.

I got a book called "The Nature of Leadership" by B. Joseph White who just happens to be the president of the University of Illinois. To me, just his position screams LEADER but I still remain doubtful as to how helpful this truly will be. So far I am about 40 pages in and it seems to make sense. Be both hard and calculating, and soft, and comforting. We'll see where this information leads me and then look towards the next step to being a leader and a stay at home mom with a thriving home business. That's my dream anyways.